A Forest, a Flood, and an Unlikely Star

Third in The Rwendigo Tales, J.A. Myhre’s A Forest, a Flood, and an Unlikely Star is a heartfelt story of a young boy struggling to care for his grandmother and younger sister after the desertion of his father and his mother’s untimely death.

Set in the center continent of Africa, readers unfamiliar with the culture should refer to the terms glossary beginning on page 161.  This reader stumbled a bit with the unfamiliar words, not finding the glossary until the story’s conclusion.

Forced to drop out of school and support his family, at the tender age of 13, Kusiima bears a heavy load.  His story plods along picking up speed when he’s offered the opportunity to earn more money than the few shillings he makes selling coal in the market.  From here the story twists and turns in so many ways the ending will leave every reader with their mouths gaping open.

For animal lovers, silver backed gorillas and a donkey named Nsoli play an integral part in this tear inducing tale.  A juvenile fiction offering many life lessons, A Forest, a Flood, and Unlikely Star is an enjoyable tale.

*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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