A Fragile Hope

Fasten your seatbelts! Although a page turning, can’t wait to see what happens, kind of story, Cynthia Ruchti’s, A Fragile Hope seems to shoot out of the gate long before the jockey is properly seated.

The book’s beginning offers no point of reference for the reader. It is the type of start requiring multiple rereads to try and maintain navigational bearings. Although each chapter begins with a profound stanza, the offerings at first seem jarring. It took this reader quite a few chapters to determine how those tied into the story.

Ruchti’s unorthodox writing style may also cause confusion for the reader, at times leaving one wondering who said what to whom? The story leaves some questions unanswered; Ruchti dances around several events but does not provide the full resolution as to what occurred. Following her opening style, the story’s conclusion, although satisfying, is also abrupt, leaving the reader with their mouth hanging open questioning, “That’s it?”

Despite the bumpy road, A Fragile Hope is a captivating story of one man’s journey from indifference to unconditional love. Ruchti does a nice job inserting subtle “Aha!” moments into Josiah Chamberlain’s journey. Readers meet a few other unforgettable characters sprinkled into the mix that show Josiah, with their actions, what love looks like.

The book will make you want to sneak a peek ahead to see how the story unfolds, but don’t spoil the ending for yourself because it’s really all about the ride!

*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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