All Things Now Living

Classified as a Youth Adult Sci-Fi Dystopian release, Rondi Bauer Olson’s All Things Now Living is definitely unique.  Fans of Stephen King’s Under the Dome that eventually became a CBS television series are likely to enjoy Olson’s offering.

The story jumps right in without providing any real context for the setting.  Readers are likely to end up with more questions than answers.  The label on the cover “Seventh Daughter Book One” implies the story could develop into a series, so one expects a more solid basis in which to understand the context of events.

This book left me wondering if I missed the point.  Was the author’s intent to convey a moral message that went undiscovered?  I really wanted to know more about why humans would even consider genetic alterations that cause them to have animal characteristics.  Those questions remain unanswered.

Perhaps lovers of Science Fiction will find All Things Now Living fabulous, however, despite the Young Adult classification, I would not recommend the book to anyone under the age of 17.

***In exchange for this review, the publisher provided a complimentary copy of the book.

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