Austin to Hong Kong to China

Approximately 24 hours after leaving the USA the River Stone China team landed in Hong Kong. We spent one hour driving to Austin. three hours flying to San Francisco, four hours entertaining ourselves in the terminal, two hours waiting on the tarmac for United employees to locate a missing manifest, thirteen hours flying and one hour travelling by bus to our hotel. Everyone’s luggage arrived in one piece, and we all passed through customs with no incidents. After a hot shower we all settled in for a good nights rest.

P.S. Jessica Wells says hello to her Mom.

2 thoughts on “Austin to Hong Kong to China

  1. shelleydamron says:

    Yay…so glad yall made it safely. Someone kiss my baby girl Kelsey for me!!!

  2. dedrafrenchbillysmom says:

    So glad everything is going well….I love you Billy and very proud of everyone.!

    Dedra French

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