Backyard Escapades

Bright sunbeams warm fair skin
Melting ice cream dribbles down sticky chins
Soft breeze flutters, cooling the day
Hop, skip, jump; trio merrily plays

London Bridges Falling Down, Red Light Green Light, Tug of War
Vigorous energy; no chance to be bored
Red Rover, Red Rover, Kick the Can,
Simon Says, “Fly like Peter Pan”

Frolicking together delightful giggles rise
Dancing, merging to kiss the sky
With childish abandon they swing, slide, squeal
Enchanted smiles burst forth, elation revealed

Sun dips down below the sky
Farewell fun day, wave good-bye
Kisses, hugs, night time prayers
Contented trio scampers upstairs

Sleepy silence, backyard still
Moonbeams splash on window sill
Innocent childhood, untainted, carefree
Sweetly slumber cherished three

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