Brave Is The New Beautiful

In a society obsessed with outward appearances, Brave Is The New Beautiful sets out to redefine true beauty. Beauty lies not in wearing a size 2 dress, or perfectly straight teeth and smooth skin, but is instead encapsulated by those exhibiting courage in the most incomprehensible situations.

Lee Wolfe Blum takes the reader on a journey through the personal experiences of individuals who displayed unwavering courage in the face of gut-wrenching ordeals. Keep the tissues close.  This is no sugar-coated gospel; the pages are filled with true stories of real people who despite their deep-rooted faith lost their battles.  The stories are impactful, and so is the resolve of those individuals determined to continue moving forward even when faced head on with the cruel realities of this earthly life.

A quote from the book perfect sums up its contents, “The kind of bravery you are talking about isn’t the kind that conquers. It’s the kind that submits and relinquishes control to God.  This is true bravery.  It is letting our guard down and becoming naked, just like we were always meant to be.  Trusting God and relying on him, just as he made us to do.”

*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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