Red, White & Blue 5K

Running Scared

Ever hear the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none?”  It refers to a person who is competent at many skills, but an expert at none.  Me.  There are many pursuits in which I perform well; running, cooking (well, before I gave it up for Lent three years ago & never started back), writing, Read More

Silencing the Noise

Silencing the Noise

James Cleveland Owens, better known to the world as Jesse, sky-rocketed to fame via the 1936 Berlin Olympics, winning four gold medals while simultaneously tying a world record, setting a world and also three Olympic records.  It would be forty-eight years before another track and field Olympian, American Carl Lewis, matched Jesse’s feat. Even before Read More

Becky and David - Warrior Dash - 2011

The Story of a Warrior Princess

Ever noticed the “Warrior Princess” tag line at the end of each “Living Outside the Lines” column?  Well, today I will tell you the story behind the signature. November 19, 2011 I embarked on a journey known as the Warrior Dash.  This journey was several months and some severe arm-twisting in the making.  When I first Read More