Not Guilty?

Numbness drapes itself around my shoulders like a cloak. Shock and disbelief stake their claim as well. Circumstances writhe their way around my neck, a threatening noose. Today six jurors returned a “not guilty” verdict to the truck driver who slammed into my Dodge Caliber on November 19, 2011. According to the jury foreperson there Read More

The Accident

Fragmented glass explodes, deformed metal littering road Eerie silence envelopes scene Mangled metal traps broken bodies within Three moving. One still. Death hovers, eager to terminate life Bones once dense, durable, now fragmented, frail Crimson blood oozes. Saturating. Pooling. Drying. Eyes open, familiar screams register, panic suffocates Hands reach, seeking solace to bring, no resting Read More