James & Becky Engagement

“Love + Marriage = Hard Work”

Fairy tales are so misleading; Snow White’s poison induced nap can only be broken by the prince’s kiss, Cinderella marries the handsome Prince, and Sleeping Beauty is awakened by true love’s kiss. What’s the problem, you ask? The stories all end there. We are expected to believe everyone lived happily ever after? Yeah, right. Life Read More


Empty Arms: “A Mother’s Intimate Story”

What we perceive is not always reality.  For example, spying a family happily playing in the park, one might automatically conclude that the creation of that family was a simple and natural thing.  However, their truth might present a rather different narrative. Married at 18, and still somewhat a child myself, having a family was Read More

Becky and David - Warrior Dash - 2011

The Story of a Warrior Princess

Ever noticed the “Warrior Princess” tag line at the end of each “Living Outside the Lines” column?  Well, today I will tell you the story behind the signature. November 19, 2011 I embarked on a journey known as the Warrior Dash.  This journey was several months and some severe arm-twisting in the making.  When I first Read More