Random Thoughts

The massage yesterday was, well interesting.  The stories about little Chinese girls walking on your back, they are absolutely true.  The massage lasted 70 minutes and there weren’t many body parts left untouched.  There were two of us per room and having the Chinese girls talking to each other, probably about us, during the massage Read More

Day at the Park

The daily routine was changed up a bit today as we were able to take some of the children out to a local park.  What an experience!  The River Stone team, two staff members, about eight “carers”, twenty-six children, ten strollers and one wheel chair boarded a bus intended for twenty people with no luggage.  Read More

Life in the Welfare Centre

A four story building sits just inside the gates to the International China Concern compound.  Housed inside are the throwaways of Chinese society.  Residents of the facility range in age from newborn to adult.  It is a “care for life” facility.  Sometimes children are adopted from there, but it is rare.  Others, those with the Read More

Taste of China

Entering China by train there is much green country side with few people, the city of Hengyang is a completely different story.  There are people everywhere, all the time!  I sometimes wonder if anyone works.  There are always lines at the local supermarket and no such thing as self check out or express lines. Our Read More

A Day in China

There is so much I could talk about.  I thought today I’d provide a breakdown of what a typical day looks like for the River Stone China Team: 7:30 a.m. Devotions in our team leaders room (Nikki from International China Concern) Devotions are led by a different team member each morning.  Everyone signed up on our Read More