Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain

Every Storm Runs Out of Rain

For many people storms are loud & scary occurrences to be avoided at all costs.  For whatever reason my grandfather didn’t subscribe to that particular theory, quite the opposite, he rather enjoyed storms. My grandfather lived in Florida, so tropical storms happened frequently.  I recall several occasions when storms blew in and while the rest Read More

Farewell to Candy Season

Farewell to Candy Season

Taste buds are interesting little receptors, everyone has them, but not all are created equal. Some tasters are partial to sweet while others prefer salty. Some despise liver while others consider it a delicacy. Mine are surely kin to Cookie Monster’s. His are partial to, “COOKIES!” Mine absolutely adore, “SUGAR!” mostly in the form of Read More


For the Love of Pete, Reload the Toilet Paper!

Huffing and puffing she grabs her soapbox, drags it center stage, climbs up and begins her rant.  Toilet paper dispensers are not complicated, nor does their design vastly differ from one toilet to the next.  So, please, please, help me understand why it is that soooo many of them sit empty?  We aren’t talking about Read More