Dear Family and Friends,

For much of my adult life I have been content to play a supporting role. I have lent much support to my husband & children in their numerous endeavors. Lately though, I feel a yearning in my heart to move into a different arena. No longer am I content to dwell in the shadows, I want to be at the forefront. God is calling me to make a difference outside of my four walls, to leave an indelible mark on the world. An amazing opportunity has arisen for me to do just that.

Shortly after we began attending Riverstone Community Church, plans for a China trip were announced. James signed up immediately and I was okay with that. Until the video; one Sunday morning we viewed a video clip about the disabled Chinese orphans. Tears began to roll down my cheeks. At first I thought, “What can I do? I am not a physical therapist (many going on the trip are PT students).” But then I thought, “I’m a mother. What do these children need if not the nurturing love of a mother?” At lunch that day James revealed that the Holy Spirit had told him, “You are not going to China, she is.” Really? Me? Father chose me? How incredibly humbling that our Lord would allow me to travel across the world to show his love to these seemingly forgotten children.

On May 17, 2010 approximately 18 Riverstone partners, myself included, will depart from the USA and travel to Hengyang, China. We will spend two weeks in country, returning to the USA on May 29, 2010. Cost for the trip is approximately $3500 which includes passport, immunizations, visa, airfare, accommodations, transportation, & food, et cetera.

Nothing about me fits into a cookie cutter mold, so it seems highly fitting that my first mission trip should be to a communist country. I do not serve an average God; therefore neither shall I be average in my service to him. I anticipate the China trip being the first of many for me. No longer will I be a kingdom decoration, pretty to look at but acquiring dust. I am shaking the dust off my heart of service and jumping without a safety net.

Who will go with me? Though you may not be able to join me physically, your prayerful and financial support allows you to stake claim in spreading the love of Jesus to the least of these. Donations may be mailed to Becky Miller at PO Box 1167, San Marcos, TX 78667. Make checks payable to Riverstone Community Church with my name in the memo field. For trip updates, be sure to check back or visit Owe No Man Ministries.

Humbling serving,

Becky Miller

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