Climbing Posture

Artists are a unique lot, often seeing the world from a very different perspective.  Now I may not draw or paint, but I definitely create through my writing.  As an artist, my mind is always open and seeking inspiration.  I never know when inspiration might strike; seeing a billboard on the highway, hearing a verse in a song, or maybe even just sitting on the toilet.  What, your mind never wanders when you’re alone in bathroom?  Now that I have committed to a bi-weekly column, I work hard to keep the ideas fresh and flowing.  I carry a small notebook, shhh. . . don’t tell my totally 21st century spouse that I prefer paper and pen to Evernote, for jotting down ideas so I can go back and refer to them later.  Then the problem becomes not lack of inspiration but how to stretch that thought into a complete article, so here I go, off to develop a thought into something meaningful.

Sometimes I hear things that just don’t make sense, and I have to stop and say, “huh?”  As an athlete, the verse from Will Regan, United Pursuit’s,  “Nothing I Hold Onto” that says, “I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open” just does not resonate with me.  The song is about trusting God with our lives, that even when we don’t understand we can have the assurance that God knows better than we do.

I whole-heartedly believe that God knows better than I, but have you ever tried to climb a mountain with your hands open?  Have you ever tried to climb anything with your hands open??  Seriously, climbing with up-turned hands could lead to bruised backsides or even worse, broken bones.  Serious mountain climbers use carabiners and rope to hoist themselves up; they climb with fists closed, grasping a rope.  Some trekkers use poles to climb a mountain, but again with their fists closed over a pole.  Even as a runner, if I’m trying to run up a hill, I guarantee my fists are opening and closing as I continually grab for the imaginary rope that helps me continue gaining ground. You are not going to get up a mountain, or even a ladder for that matter, with your hands open.  Most people, at least those with a healthy respect for gravity, are going to hang on to the ladder rungs as they ascend.

Hands open is not climbing posture, it’s one of surrender and to me, those two stances do not belong together.  Even for an athlete who is in top shape, climbing requires exertion, and it requires fight!  The moment you let go, it’s all over.  There are times we need to let go, just stop fighting, and completely surrender, but not in the midst of a climb, that is not the time quit!  Please do not misunderstand, I am not coming against the song, the songwriter or the anyone who sings it, just questioning the logic of climbing with hands wide open.

Maybe I am not the only person who has these kinds thoughts, maybe I am, but who knows???  If you are not one of those people who really listen and are tuned into the world around you, I challenge you; listen for those things that don’t seem right, those things that other people just seem to accept without question, and then come to your own conclusion.  God gave each us with the ability to think for ourselves, use it!!

Until Next Time,

Becky J Miller
“Warrior Princess”

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