In Disney’s Mulan the Huns attack the Great Wall of China. In response a soldier lights a fire warning the country of imminent attack. Turning to face his enemy the soldier says, “Now all of China knows you are here.” Well, now all of the World Wide Web knows Becky J. Miller is here.

How does one transition from complete anonymity to parading naked in cyberspace? Suddenly my innermost thoughts are a matter of public record. What was I thinking? Simply put; I love to write and am told I do it well. However, I lacked both an outlet and motivation. Ever the problem solver my husband says, “why not blog?” In my naïveté I think, “What a great idea.” After the first blog is irrevocably displayed my husband says, “Now the entire world knows you have a blog.” My mouth drops, my brain comes to a screeching halt and I wonder, “What have I done?” Opened myself up for scrutiny, criticism? Who will read my ranting; maybe no one and maybe everyone? Either is okay because ultimately I write for me. Hopefully my audience will cross cultural, religious, racial and all other types of boundaries. Hopefully I will inspire some. Hopefully I will irritate others.

The world is my canvas and I shall paint a masterpiece with my words. Will my masterpiece resemble Picasso – oddly unsettling? How about DaVinci – easily recognized? Even I do not know the answer to my own questions. Come, let us journey together and see where the road leads.

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