Doing it Haitian Style

Whenever I visit a foreign country I love to immerse myself in the culture.  I want to eat what they eat, travel how they travel, just experience, on a very small scale, what their lives are like. While in Haiti the team has a choice of travelling in the orphanage van or a hired taptap. A taptap is basically a small pick up truck with two benches bolted in the bed, an open back, no seatbelts and an corrugated tin roof. It’s hot, dusty, terribly bumpy and comfortable, but the best way to see what’s going on in the streets of Haiti. The Haiti of today is much different from when I came after the earthquake in 2010. Much of the rubble is gone and there are many more street vendors selling everything from furniture to toothpaste. It was exciting to see all the fresh fruits and vegetables available.

Some Haitian crusade workers joined us for lunch at the orphanage yesterday.   A spontaneous time of singing and dancing broke out. They were keeping a beat with drums, pots, lids, etc.  One of our team members even had a dance off with a local. Tiffany totally had her beat until the other lady threw her hips into it and literally bumped Tiffany across the floor.  We had a great time.

There has been a nightly open air crusade that we’ve participated in. It’s pretty amazing to worship with Haitians, its a full body experience. They dance with wild abandon and sing with passion. It’s really hard to allow myself that type of freedom. I think I have much to learn.

This is short, but breakfast is served. Bon jour.

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