Door to Freedom

Set in Sudan, Jana Kelley’s, Door to Freedom takes a rarely seen look inside a deeply religious Muslim country.

In a unique presentation, Kelley’s novel provides the reader two stories in one as she shares tales that run parallel, delicately intersecting at carefully selected locations.

Readers follow Americans Mia and Michael, devout Christians, who with their two young children struggle to share their faith while living under strict Islamic laws.  Woven into the tale is young Rania, raised in a traditional Muslim family, whose older sister was beaten and exiled for following the teachings of Christ.

The more Rania secretly learns about Jesus and his teachings, the more she questions her Muslim upbringing.  The struggle between respect for her father and the desire to know more about the one true God is palatable.

Door to Freedom is an intriguing story sure to pull the reader into its choreography and maintain a firm grip until the very last page.

*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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