Driver Confessional

Driver Confessional is an intriguing story of murder, corruption on Capital Hill, and Russian mobsters all woven into the daily life of Antonio, an average guy just trying to support his family.  The approach is definitely unique and not something frequently seen in Christian fiction.

While the story itself is interesting, the plethora of overdeveloped characters introduced early in the book makes it difficult for the reader to sort out exactly where the tale is headed. Nonetheless, author David Winters does an effective job carving out a very real and likable protagonist in Buber driver, Antonio.  On a side note, the use of the term “Buber” instead of “Uber” is just a tad annoying.

Antonio, a married law school student, with a young son, relies heavily on his faith to guide him when interacting with the multitude of passengers he transports daily.  Taking time to really “hear” what they are speaking, he offers prayers, wisdom, and encouragement as frequently as an M.D. writes prescriptions.  One cannot help but admire the real way in which he lives his faith.

Driver Confessional is the first book in Winters’ Driver Series. The last few pages offer a sneak peak into the next book, Stock Car Inferno, which appears to be yet another unique tale, one reader’s are sure to enjoy.

*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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