Eyes of Light

Arriving at the orphanage the first day, something immediately caught my attention. Though these children are victims of tragic circumstances, hope abounds. The children are bright, energetic and playful; their eyes hold light, not darkness. They run and play, laugh and jump, demand attention and interact comfortably with the team members. Their curly hair, dark eyes and dark skin beautifully compliment their easy smiles. Falling in love with each of them is effortless.

Until now, my preference has been younger children. Yesterday though, I ventured out of my comfort zone and discovered a love so pure it caused my heart to expand its borders. The older children welcomed me as if I’d been amongst them forever. Climbing on my back, touching my hair, playing with my bracelets and asking my name, they cared only that I had chosen to show them attention. Sitting among them while they played with Dr. Mary’s toys, I was treated to a medical check up, play dough pizza and a game of catch. Joy, such joy their innocent play brought to me.

The children of Masion des Enfants de Dieu are well cared for. Their bodies are bathed twice daily, their clothes freshly laundered, fluids are plentiful and food is nutritious. Caring nannies interact with them providing love and affection. One thing is missing; a family. Most of these precious orphans lost both of their parents in the earthquake that ravaged Port Au Prince in January. Following the earthquake, two sisters, both under the age of three were alone in the streets for at least five days. No one knows how these girls survived or how they ended up at the orphanage. Or perhaps we do know. Divine providence was in operation, sparing the lives of these delightful girls. Unbeknownst to me, I spent some time with the oldest sister on my first day in Haiti. She and her playmates were running around being silly. In a sing song voice I said, “silly girls.” She repeated the phrase, “silly girls”, “silly girls” smiling charmingly. That she could interact so freely, so soon after such a horrific experience, is a testimony to both Masion and our loving Father.

Each child at Masion is available for adoption yet not one of the sixty-five children is currently in the process of being adopted. What these children need more than anything is a home with parents, where they can feel safe, cherished and adored. Visit www.forhisgloryoutreach.org for adoption/sponsorship information. Don’t let their eyes of light grow dim.

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