Finding Forgiveness

Stanley D. Gales, “Finding Forgiveness” reads like an in depth textbook on the subject.  For readers interesting in studying the complicated subject of forgiveness this book provides valuable insight, with the scriptures to back up the author’s writing.

However, for readers interested in a more simplistic look at the subject, the book contains a lot of details that could lead to boredom.  It’s not that the content isn’t right and true, there is just a lot of information packed into the short 120 pages.

For churches interested in a study of forgiveness, “Finding Forgiveness” conveniently provides study questions at the conclusion of each chapter. The questions could easily become fodder for group discussion.

While I personally did not love the book, I cannot completely discount its merit for those with the time and willingness to delve deeper into the subject of forgiveness.

*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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