God’s Smuggler

While it is obvious there is much Divine Intervention within the pages of Brother Andrew’s God Smuggler. I found the book rather boring. Given the tales of going behind the Iron Curtain and into communist countries on a mission for Christ, I wanted the tale to be gripping, but it just wasn’t.

The book is categorized as a Young Reader’s Edition and yet it feels more like a story confused about it’s target audience. If the target age is intended to be anyone under 30, the book misses the mark. I expected the story to be exciting, one I would willingly share with some of the younger members in our church, and sadly it is not.

The book is not altogether a waste of time. For anyone interested in the early years of the global post WWII church, it is a decent read.

*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.



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