Guatemala Day 1

Well, I’m here in Antigua, Guatemala.  I am happy to report a fairly uneventful trip.  Making my connection at DFW and exiting the airport in Guatemala City were somewhat stressful, but everything worked out.  The team is huge, 60 members!!  I’ve not been part of such a large group on any of my previous trips.

The hotel is about an hour from the airport.  Guatemala is gorgeous, reminds me of Haiti, but surprisingly modern.  We passed several McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Shell stations, and even a Wal Mart!!  Dinner was tasty; pasta, fish, turkey and lots of fruits and vegetables.  I’m always happy when fresh fruits and veggies are available.  The water for the shower was tepid, but I’m clean!  I was also happy to learn there is a group walk scheduled every morning for anyone that is interested.  Ooo, ooo pick me, pick me!!

It’s only 8:00 but I’m plum tuckered out plus typing on a tablet isn’t easy.  Until tomorrow. . .

One thought on “Guatemala Day 1

  1. Darla Peters says:

    It’s because as beautiful as Antigua is, it and Guatemala City are two tourist driven towns, get into the jungles or mountains farther south and you won’t even find running water!
    60 is huge! Praying blessings and that God speaks through each of you.

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