Her Secret

Shelley Shepard Gray’s, Her Secret, the first book in her latest series, “The Amish of Hart County”, puts a unique twist on life in the Amish community, a mystery of sorts.  At the novel’s end, Gray informs readers this series will include six books total, each suspenseful in nature.  For those fond of stories of Amish life, this fresh theme is sure to be intriguing.

The template for books on Amish life seems to focus on much of the same subject matter; family, community, and church.  While those are all noteworthy topics, they leave little room to broaden the strokes, until a creative author like Gray comes along.

Her Secret tells the story of young Hannah Hilty who along with her family flees their comfortable Amish life in Ohio to begin anew in Kentucky.  Shell shocked after being stalked in Ohio by Trent, a young Englisher, Hannah withdraws from practically everything she used to enjoy.

Stumbling upon Isaac Troyer in the woods, Hannah is understandably frightened, but what unfolds after that unexpected meeting is a beautiful friendship, one that sets Hannah as well as her family, for they also have secrets, on the road to recovery.

A beautiful story of how Christ-like love truly does conquer all.


*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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