High Cotton

First, in the Bucklin Family Reunion Series Debby Mayne’s High Cotton is the story of several members of a loving but somewhat dysfunctional Southern family dynamic.  For anyone who appreciates sweet tea, names like Digger and Puddin’ and interfering family members, then High Cotton will feel like home.

As she prepares for an upcoming family reunion, Shay Henke, a successful but single career woman finds herself strangely uncomfortable with her life.  An unexpected grocery store conversation with her twin cousins Sally & Sara kicks off some major disruptions to Shay’s tidy little bubble.

Along with Shay, Sally, and Sara, High Cotton intermingles the stories of several members of the Bucklin family to include Digger, Puddin’, Missy, and a few other minor characters.  Creating an easy to follow dialogue, each chapter begins with a character’s name; that said, keeping up with all the characters and their family connections does get a bit overwhelming.

With a Southern heritage myself, there was much about the story that felt familiar and yet sometimes a bit exaggerated.  However, readers will surely appreciate much of the self-discovery experienced by Shay and some of her family members.

***In exchange for this review, the publisher provided a complimentary copy of the book.

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