Home At Last

Although more widely accepted today than twenty years ago, bi-racial relationships still face challenges, challenges that are not widely discussed nor understood.  Deborah Ramey’s Home At Last delves into that sensitive subject via the two likable main characters, Link and Shayla.

Twenty-nine-year-old Link Whitman is from a white, upper middle-class family with absolutely no clue what someone outside of that parameter might face.  Thirty-three year old Shayla Michaels is bi-racial with a white mother and black father.  She has dealt with racial prejudices for most of her life.

After their first meeting, Link is undeniably attracted to Shayla.  She in turn is slightly enamored with Link, but hesitates to get involved with him.  Shayla struggles with what she considers obstacles; their different races, her loving but somewhat overbearing father, and the 5-year-old niece she is raising as her own.

Home At Last navigates mixed race issues from both a community and a family perspective and shows that love can win over hatred.


*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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