Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted

This book was a struggle for me.  I have friends and family who are same-sex attracted, and although I may have different beliefs on the subject, I have no desire to alienate them.  My job is neither to judge nor condemn, mine is to love unconditionally.  Conviction is the job of the Holy Spirit.  That said, I feel this book could be a valuable tool for those who struggle with same-sex attraction and wish they did not, or for those within the church wishing to learn more on the subject should they be asked for guidance on the topic.

There are personal testimonies in the book that are touching. There are others where persons dealing with same-sex attractions within the church were ostracized by the “religious people of their day”.

Some of the author’s counsel is verbose and difficult to understand while portions are shared in easily comprehended laymen’s terms.

Anyone looking to wield a weapon against those who are same-sex attracted, that is not our job, and this book is not a how-to guide for such infliction. Anyone wishing to understand a topic foreign to them might find this book useful.

*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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