Imperfect Justice

Cara Putman’s Imperfect Justice is a heartrending story of family violence developed to show not only the tragedy of those battling abuse but the willingness of outsiders to help mingled with their struggle to understand what really goes on inside the domicile.

Emilie Wesley is a likable attorney who despite battling her own demons, works hard to help battered women break free from abusive husbands and boyfriends.  Each case is physically and emotionally draining for her, but the ones that end like Kaylene Adams’ did are enough to leave Emilie contemplating a career change.

The addition of a stalker is a bit creepy and detracts somewhat from the storyline.  Perhaps it adds credence to Emilie’s ability to empathize with her clients, but it creates an imbalance in the plot.   The stalker climax also leads to an unanticipated event that may leave readers wondering if writing the story that way was really necessary.

Readers will admire the ethical determination mixed with a bit of Southern sass Putman gives her main character and will cheer Emilie on as she works to undercover the truth behind what really happened to Kaylene and her daughter.

*** In exchange for this review, the publisher provided a complimentary copy of the book.

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