Letter to a Prodigal

My Dear Child,

You have wondered so very far, ending up in the place where you are. Do you know that you cannot escape my love? You are still within my grasp. I see your inner struggle, the constant turmoil over what is and what should be. My heart aches that you have turned yourself from me. Why do you not believe that only I hold the keys to your future? Your success? Your stubborn pride lies to you, it says you can navigate through life alone. I assure you, you cannot do anything within your own power. Your feeble attempts to change will lead you nowhere.

Child, do you not know that I created you with a purpose, a destiny that Hell would attempt to destroy? I cannot and will not turn my back on you, neither will I force you to love me. Free will was given to you as a gift, I desire for you to choose my path. Allow me to lead you through the trials, allow me to carve a path where there be none. No worldly circumstances, relationships or tangibles will ever bring you peace. I am the Great Physician, only I can apply a healing salve to your wounds and make you whole again.

Softly, gently, my voice calls to you, wooing your return. Most times you choose not to hear, but in your darkest moments, I am there. I am the tears you viciously brush away. I am the kindness in another’s eyes. I am the wind caressing your face. I am mercy when you deserve exile. I am here. I am here.


Your Father


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