London Marathon; There’s Still Time!!!

Our flight to London leaves Wednesday and the race happens Sunday, April 26 but no worries, there is still time to make a donation in support of me and the missions organization I am running for, Links International.  Maybe you have not heard of Links and are unsure what they do.  Below are some bullet statements directly from Links CEO Andy Read:

  • Links believes in sustainable development of people and communities – helping people to help themselves
  • We work with trusted local, indigenous partners in the countries in which we work – getting alongside them and ‘adding value’ to what they are already doing to reach out to their communities. We are not dictating everything from the UK, imposing plans in an ‘imperialist’ way!
  • Because Links is relatively small, only a small proportion of money given goes on our infrastructure (which enables the work) and the vast majority goes to the people we want to help.
  • We are able to be very, very accountable with everything we are given, and make sure our partners are as well. People are often concerned that money they give for overseas development disappears into a hole and doesn’t get used properly. That doesn’t happen with Links.
  • Even small amounts of money can make a huge difference to someone’s life – and if lots of people give a little, then the cumulative effect is amazing. Time and time again we see that ‘5 loaves and 2 fish’ can feed a multitude!!
  • This is all part of sharing good news in a Luke 4 way. We believe in a holistic gospel.

The four Brits on the team have raised significantly more money for Links than I have: £12,146 ($18,085 USD) total or £3,036 ($4,520 USD) individually. To date, I have raised £535 ($796.00). Please help me do our nation proud; help me demonstrate the real heart of America, the generous giving me.  All donations are completely tax deductible, easy and relatively effortless.  Please visit and give today.

Thank you,

Becky J Miller
“Warrior Princess”


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