The Malnutrition Center

Our first day at the center has come to a close and a great day it was. Being here with the babies puts me completely in my element.  While I’m here, they are all mine. I love snuggling with them, kissing on the them, cooing over them and lying on the floor playing with them.  My babies are all grown, each of them taller than me, so I love getting the opportunity to be mama to little ones.

What’s different about this trip is these babies aren’t orphans. These babies have families that love them dearly and are broken over the separation. That really hit home with me today.  I was holding one of the smaller girls, cooing over her when it struck me all her Mama is missing out on and how incredibly difficult that must be for her.  I cannot imagine being unable to care for my child, temporarily turning over custody and only being able to visit once a month.  Understanding the circumstances surrounding these babies makes me realize even more how important my time is here.

I don’t know when it will post but I blogged on behalf of the team today. You can watch for it at

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  1. phyllis holliday says:

    so happy that the team from my church arrived safely.praise god!! I am praying for all of you.—-phyllis

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