Martin Luther

Introduction of influential historical Christian leaders is an area that seems to be lacking in the parochial education of our children.  In Sunday School, they learn of Moses, Noah, and Daniel, but what of those who come after, those who shaped the modern church?  Where are their stories told?

Simonetta Carr’s Martin Luther, just one in a series of Christian Biographies for Young Readers delivers the true story of such a man in an easy to read and beautifully illustrated book.  Carr does not gloss over the hardships Luther endured while speaking truth in a time when his words were considered blasphemous.  The book’s modern photographs of historical places create a unique connection for the reader.

The book, while easy to read, might be difficult for children ages 7 – 12 to genuinely comprehend without an adult leading a discussion on the contents.  The book is a valuable tool for use in introducing children to a deeper knowledge of Christian heritage.

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