Plan B by Pete Wilson

To all who choose to believe, in the midst of their Plan B, that one day faith will win over doubt, light will win over darkness, love will win over hate, and all things will be redeemed and exist the way they should.” These words, appearing even before the acknowledgements, mark the beginning of Pete Wilson’s honestly written, Plan B.
“What do you do when God doesn’t show up for you in the way you thought God was going to show up?” Plan B delves into scriptural examples complimented by stories of “everyday people”, bringing healing salve to a wounded populace.

A notebook, pen and box of tissue provide the perfect accompaniment to Plan B. The book is not merely for casual reading, but the kind of serious study that leads to life transformation. Embedded between the green binding lies intense truths: “You may have to give up some of your expectations about what God owes you and how things are “supposed” to be”; “The church thinks there is an “easy” button for broken dreams, unmet expectations and sudden crises“; and “Sometimes God wants us to live inside the questions.”

Pete mixes compassion with personal anecdotes creating a comfortable atmosphere for the reader’s journey. Throughout the pages, anyone who has ever cried out, “Why God?” will discover that no matter the “why”, God was present in the midst of their crisis.

***In exchange for this review, Thomas Nelson provided a complimentary copy
of the book reviewed.

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