Prison Break

Sir Darkness screams my name
Tempter brandishes sword
“Succumb to the cries; live no more.”

Walls close in trapping their prey
Will I survive another day?
Mercy pleas echo throughout the chamber
No one hears my cries of danger.

Crawling swiftly, attempting to flee
Sharp boulders gouge my naked knees.
Blood oozes from wounded palms
Contemplating where I went wrong?

Dead end here, obstacles there
Shallow breathing, riddled with care;
Current state, should not be
Messiah came to set captives free.

Trapped by manacles of my own creation
Foolish actions justify incarceration.
Terror shackles, ignorantly blind
Diabolical captor knows my mind.
Gains advantage with inches I give
Sinister; he would celebrate if I no longer live.

Futile attempts fuel my exhaustion
Humble submission seems the best option.
Bowing my head, I cry out in shame
Forgive me Lord, for dishonoring your name.

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