Pursuit of the Perfect Dress

The Perfect Dress; a mythological creation existing only in the fabled land of Cinderella; its existence no doubt proliferated by some maniacal being, perhaps even Satan himself. The quest to uncover this silky frock leads only to extreme frustration.

Many garments, posing as The Perfect Dress, lure starry eyed females to continued entanglement in the fantasy. No one is immune to the call of The Perfect Dress. Seasoned veterans and first timers alike may be ensnared by the plethora of sequined gems displayed in store front windows.

No female is safe from the call of The Perfect Dress. The hunting ritual may be random or seasonal. Each year therapists report an increase in teenage clientele, coinciding with prom season. The fashion police have issued numerous citations to red carpet debutantes for committing style faux pas.

Buyers beware; The Perfect Dress does not exist. Granted, relentless shoppers may eventually purchase a suitable gown, but on no account will the acquisition be in the exact color, style or price range the huntress sought. Consider yourself warned.

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