Real-Life Romance

Rhonda Stoppe’s Real-Life Romance is filled with page after page of real-life romance.  There’s no glossed over Hollywood fairy tales, just the true stories of everyday people.

For anyone desiring a happy marriage, these stories provide hope that real love still exists.  For anyone with a broken marriage, these stories provide hope for reconciliation.  For anyone who has loved and lost, these stories provide hope to find love again.

At first, the book seems like it may only be about those “perfect” love affairs with happy endings, but keep reading.  There are stories of triumph, stories of heartache and stories of completely relatable people enduring real hardships and yet enduring and overcoming.

The book is sure to inspire and is definitely one to be shared with anyone considering marriage, ever.

***In exchange for this review, the publisher provided a complimentary copy of the book.

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