Rescued Hearts

Rescued Hearts recipe– Take one helpless kitten, add two criminals, mix in an undercover detective, toss a dash of an innocent bystander, gently stir disappointed parents, blend a meddlesome Gigi, add a stalker for flavor and combine to make a unique criminal caper with a satisfying side of love story.

By most accounts, Mary Wade Kimball’s life is rather boring, until the ill-fated kitten rescue.  Had Mary Wade known what lies ahead, she might have simply pedaled by, without stopping to free the poor kitty.  And no doubt, undercover detective Brett Davis wishes she had just kept riding.

In a split second Mary Wade’s world is turned upside down.  Her innocent actions begin a ripple effect impacting the people closest to her from her roommate to her godmother, to a close friend.

Can Detective Davis rescue her or will she fall victim to the nefarious intentions of her captures?  Readers will just have to wait until the end to see how Hope Toler Dougherty ends Rescued Hearts.

***In exchange for this review, a complimentary copy of the book was provided by the publisher.

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