Rick & Bubba’s Guide to the Nearly Almost Perfect Marriage By Rick Burgess & Bill “Bubba” Bussey

WARNING: If you have a tendency to laugh aloud hysterically then reading this book in the privacy of your own home would probably be a better choice versus reading at the local coffee shop. Rick & Bubba manage to provide serious marital insight softened by large amounts of comedic release. Personal anecdotes make the material relatable to the reader.

The cover alone, portraying the authors as diaper clad cupids, serves as assurance the reader will be entertained. Do not be fooled though, by the seemingly light hearted approach to marriage. Just a few lines into the intro one gleans a nugget of truth; “Marriage teaches us to love an imperfect person perfectly.” Other such gems are the inclusion of grace in the Elements of Marriage. Grace, according to the authors requires forgiveness even when, “sometimes your spouse won’t deserve to be forgiven.” Good marriages are described as being made up of two good forgivers.

Shared generously, the misadventures of Rick, Sherri, Bubba & Betty, find the reader smiling broadly in agreement while simultaneously reflecting on personal martial road bumps. Also valuable is the scientific description of proper kissing technique provided by Rick. The book provides a good balance of practical application blended with Bible references that any reader, married, engaged or dating would find informative.

***In exchange for this review, Thomas Nelson provided a complimentary copy of the book reviewed.

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