Gazing in the mirror not recognizing what I see,
Who is this person staring back at me?
Mirror, oh mirror, I dislike what I see,
For this stranger is not who I intended to be.

Anxiety furrows my brow, apprehension lassos my heart.
All my hopes for tomorrow lie shattered in the dark.
Disappointment begs to be my friend;
I dare not open the door and let him in.
A silent killer in deep disguise,
Who roams about seeking the destruction of innocent lives.

Room grows smaller as my thoughts give way
To visions amassed for another day.
Over the mountain I can see opportunity as she beckons to me.
Grasping at the chance to run and escape,
But alas, ever elusive, opportunity slips quickly away.

She darts about in a frisky game,
Gently teasing, softly calling my name.
Exhausted by sorrow I plummet to the floor,
Searching frantically for keys to the enigmatic door.

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