WHOOSH!  Air escapes my lungs as my mind whispers, “let it go,” “let it go,” let it go.”  The task was demanded rather than requested; forced rather than chosen.  Given the opportunity I might have opted for this particular path but instead the route was coerced.  My selfish nature seeks reward for my great personal sacrifice.  Anticipation grows then quickly deflates as I reach the end of the briar infested trail.  No pot of gold here, only the shattering of false hope.  The fault is mine, no matter how the journey was conceived, the perspective was my choosing.  The still small voice whispers gently, guiding me to release the anguish lest bitterness root.  I sigh in acquiesce, the deed is over, time to traverse a new passage.  Choosing wisely, I look ahead with expectancy, seeking opportunities where I may willingly serve.

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