Significance Quest

A one woman posse on a quest for significance:  Where does one begin the expedition for such a priceless commodity?  Where else? Don’t all important events begin with proper attire?  The sleek huntress searches her cavernous wardrobe settling on alligator hide.  The thick exoskeleton provides protective covering for her delicate skin, which is far too tender for the cruelty of the harsh world.

Armed with pen and journal she sets out, never anticipating what lies ahead.  Her sheltered life has not prepared her for the full frontal assault of a selfish society.   Shocking truths, deception, malicious intent, just a few deeds she will uncover on her journey.  Many have gone before her searching futilely for this elusive treasure.  Will success be hers?

Doubt and confusion battle for position.  She wonders where the balance lies in putting others first versus being completely insignificant.  How does she fulfill the destiny chosen for her without losing herself?  How does she look forward hopefully without building false expectations?

Her perspective is unique, seemingly unlike any other.  The quality causes her much pain.  She tends to see the entire picture where others only catch a glimpse.  The viewpoint comes naturally for her leading to frustration when others seem unable to grasp situations from the same vantage point.

Just like Harry Potter she wonders through life with an invisibility cloak.  She has no idea where it came from, its purpose or how to turn it off.  What makes her so different?  Is it curse, a gift, or a protective mechanism?  She impatiently awaits the jury’s decision; does her fate truly rest in the hands of strangers?

She wonders where the answers lie; Oprah?  Dr. Phil? Nah!  He who created her holds the answers that she seeks.  He shaped her and formed her.  He knows her from the inside out.  He sculpted her from nothing into something.  Her significance comes from Him.

Rejection from man bruises the soft underbelly of her protective shell but healing comes from Daddy.  He alone possesses the soothing salve to ease her suffering.  She climbs into his lap crying silent tears as He whispers tender words of endearment. His promise to be with her always, to walk wherever she goes, quiets her oft broken heart.  She drifts off into a peaceful sleep dreaming of the future, knowing she will not face it alone.

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