Sorrow Unfolds

She lies alone in darkened room,
desperately clutching tattered bear
Tears saturate cold pillow,
while grief her sole companion
Weariness grips her soul,
sadness chokes her heart,
wretched sobs bruise the silence

Anguish erupts violently, shattering precarious facade
distorted features reflect another’s disdain
Thrashing restlessly, yearning for comprehension
she finds only empty, painful ache
Betrayal takes aim, disfiguring peaceful brow
Emotional needles prick lucid eyes

Yesteryear’s memories scroll through her consciousness
Joy mingled with sadness, dancing intertwined
Regret etched creases, carved by time
Thorn covered roses, cocooned butterfly
Release your hold, o cruel fate
Return to her the gift she bore

Hope stirs softly, comfort enfolds
One knows her sorrows, afflictions uphold
Whispers caress fragmented heart
Nail scarred hands soothe somber cheek
Tranquilly into slumber she slips
Worry not sweet child, soundly sleep

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