Special Delivery


The James Miller Jr. household was established in 1986. By 1994, it resembled the perfect American family, with 2.3 children, one boy and one girl. 1995 dawned and the Miller’s contemplated whether to expand their family, or call it complete. Silly folks, they should have known they were not in control of their destiny. News of the third pregnancy was such a surprise that the Miller’s kept it to themselves for the first five months. Leggings and thigh length baggy sweaters were quite stylish at the time, so no one suspected that Mrs. Miller’s midriff was rapidly expanding. Until that fateful Sunday.

A guest preacher was speaking at the Miller’s church, and though they cannot recall the reason, the Miller’s went up for prayer. Boy what a big mistake! That tattle tale preacher unwittingly told the whole congregation about the little bundle of joy due to arrive in a few short months. He told them the baby she was carrying was a boy, that this boy would be strong like Samson, he would bring much joy to their lives, and his smile would win the heart’s of others.

Every word spoken by that preacher was true. Fast forward to May 2, 2011. That baby, Christopher David Miller, turned 15 today. At 5′ 9”, 160 pounds, with an eight pack abs, bulging biceps, the ability to bench press 200 pounds, squat 300 pounds, and a run 5.45 second mile, the Samson comparison is not far off. Any opponent running into Chris during a soccer game is guaranteed to hit the ground with a loud THUD, heard in the bleachers, while Chris maintains his forward progress. Christopher’s unique sense of humor and witty one liners are a constant source of entertainment. And those dimples. . . those dimples have charmed his Mama into giving him his way on many an occasion. Rumor has it, she is not the only female taken by his charm. The lethal combination of dimples and blue eyes make him quite popular with the girls. In true Renaissance fashion Chris is also developing a knack for cooking. Rachel Ray is his second favorite cook, after his Mama, of course.

God knew exactly what he was doing when he added Chris to the Miller Household, life would not be the same without him. Happy 15th Birthday!!!


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