Tears course softly down freckled cheek
Eyes look towards heaven, answers to seek
Face contorts, shoulders heave,
Daddy, Daddy what mess we perceive

Choices made with utmost discretion
Path followed by your directions
Ultimate goal not what we sought
Did we go left, when right we ought?

Barricaded, trapped, as if bands of steel
Elusive freedom, we yearn to feel
Bloodied, weary, weathered and torn
Strength summoned to carry on

Circumstances beyond comprehension
Cause Spirit and soul constant contention
Doubts rise from flesh, weak
While trusting in You wholly, complete

Double minded man, unstable in ways
Often wondering, completely crazed
Sanity, Peace, Love and contentment
Offer liberty, deliverance from emotional resentment

Answers of truth we oft’ cannot bear
Ways of Your hand seldom clear
Strong tower, safe haven, refuge from storm
Daddy, Daddy, forever safe in Your arms

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