Swallowing Pride

Swallowing Pride


Most of us, whether we choose to admit it or not, struggle with pride. The issue lies not in the pride itself, but in how we deal with it. Do we miss out on something because we let our pride to have free reign? Or do we take control of our pride and not allow it to control us?

Haircuts can be expensive. For several years I put up with not having a regular stylist because I frequented Fantastics Sam’s for their cheap prices. Many times I left the salon frustrated. Then God blessed me with a personal stylist who came to my home, for free. After she moved away I decided my days of rotating stylists were over. I made an appointment at JCPenney Styling Salon and paid $35 for a haircut. Ouch! My hair only needs cut every three months, but I cringe at the thought of shelling out $35 for a trim. It was time for a haircut and I kept putting it off, unwilling to spend the money. Several weeks ago I entered the Wonderland 5K. There were door prizes after the race. I won a $25 gift card to a hair salon. You would think I’d be excited, a free haircut! I wasn’t excited at all. Change is not in my DNA, it doesn’t work well for me.

This week I decided I had put it off the inevitable long enough. I called my regular stylist and scheduled an appointment. She was booked until Friday which gave me time to think about my decision. Was paying $35 for a haircut, when I had a free one at my disposal, a wise use of my resources? No, but in order to take advantage of the free haircut I had to visit someone’s home, it wasn’t even at a “real” salon. Talk about uncomfortable! Eek. Finally I called and booked an appointment for my free haircut. But, I didn’t cancel the appointment with my real stylist, just in case.

Guess what? All that stress was for nothing. The salon is actually a closed in garage with a separate entrance. The stylist was personable, I was completely comfortable, she actually knew something about curly hair, and she only charges $15! I still have $10 left to put towards my next haircut or my daughter’s prom up do.

Today the win goes to Becky 1 – Pride 0. Have no fear though, tomorrow will surely bring plenty more opportunities for me to swallow my pride.


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