God’s Smuggler

While it is obvious there is much Divine Intervention within the pages of Brother Andrew’s God Smuggler. I found the book rather boring. Given the tales of going behind the Iron Curtain and into communist countries on a mission for Christ, I wanted the tale to be gripping, but it just wasn’t. The book is Read More

Brittany 11

Little Miss Sassy Britches

Brittany Rebecca or Bree for short, arrived with a vengeance on July 24, 1994.  So anxious was she to make her appearance that she arrived faster than the doctors expected, giving everyone a scare.  She recovered from her traumatic birth quite quickly and has kept us on our toes every day since. To say that Read More

Red, White & Blue 5K

Running Scared

Ever hear the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none?”  It refers to a person who is competent at many skills, but an expert at none.  Me.  There are many pursuits in which I perform well; running, cooking (well, before I gave it up for Lent three years ago & never started back), writing, Read More

Silencing the Noise

Silencing the Noise

James Cleveland Owens, better known to the world as Jesse, sky-rocketed to fame via the 1936 Berlin Olympics, winning four gold medals while simultaneously tying a world record, setting a world and also three Olympic records.  It would be forty-eight years before another track and field Olympian, American Carl Lewis, matched Jesse’s feat. Even before Read More

Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain

Every Storm Runs Out of Rain

For many people storms are loud & scary occurrences to be avoided at all costs.  For whatever reason my grandfather didn’t subscribe to that particular theory, quite the opposite, he rather enjoyed storms. My grandfather lived in Florida, so tropical storms happened frequently.  I recall several occasions when storms blew in and while the rest Read More


Gloria’s Tribute

Yesterday, May 23, 2016, was my husband’s 50th birthday. I’ve already shared in an April column, “Love + Marriage = Hard Work” how fabulous he is. The half century marker is a pretty momentous occasion though, so I couldn’t just let the day pass without acknowledging it, but I was at a loss as to Read More

3007 Bill Becky & Dede

There’s Something About Dad

Whether we want to admit it or not, much of who we are comes from our parents.  In both their positive and negative characteristics, I see myself in all three of my children, and I see both of my parents in me.  Without the influence, good, bad or ugly of the people who raise us, Read More