Tale of a Tattoo

The idea of a tattoo is something I have toyed with for more than ten years.  I didn’t want just some random design, I wanted a tattoo that meant something.  How I ended up with my tattoo makes for an interesting story.

On the morning of November 19, 2011 as I was preparing to run the Warrior Dash in Cedar Creek, I posted these words, “Today I shall defeat 3.1 hellish miles & 12 obstacles to be promoted from Mere Mortal to Warrior Princess! @WarriorDash  When I made that statement, that I had no idea how my day would end (See my post: The Princess Speaks) , or that I would forevermore be dubbed the Warrior Princess.  I’m really not sure who started it, or why it stuck, but it did.  My sister-in-law made me a Warrior Princess card and sign for my hospital room, a good friend designed a custom Warrior Princess t-shirt, my other sister-in-law made me a pink camouflage blanket she had embroidered with Warrior Princess and my dad and step-mom had a Warrior Princess key ring made for me.  After surviving the accident, it made perfect sense that my new-found moniker somehow be incorporated into a tattoo.  The only question was, “How?”

One night as I was crawling into bed, I wondered, “Who do I know that is an artist?” Immediately my Australian friend, Michelle George, came to mind.  Michelle is a talented artist, and though we have never met, social media has connected us as friends.  We chatted frequently before the accident.  She even mailed me a package full of Australian souveniers after the accident.  I emailed her the next morning explaining what I wanted and asking if she was up to the challenge.  She was!!!

I wanted the tattoo to serve as a testimony of God’s goodness, a reminder of how He spared my life.  Since I wear racer bank tank tops when I run, I knew I wanted the tattoo on my shoulder, the one broken in the accident.  My hope is people will see the tattoo, ask about its meaning and then I will have the opportunity to share my story.  I explained all that to Michelle, and gave her a few guidelines.  Her finished product is exactly what I had imagined.  The flowers above warrior are actually part of a tiara symbolic for princess.  The date of the accident, not intended to be a focal point, is subtly included as part of the tiara.

Sometimes when I am facing a particularly challenging situation,I remember the word tattooed on my shoulder. It reminds me that through Christ, I am able to overcome any obstacle.


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