The Dog Who Was There

Ron Marasco’s The Dog Who Was There takes the reader on a journey back to Jerusalem during the time of Christ.  What makes the novel extraordinary is its telling from the perspective of a dog named Barley.

Barley’s observations of events during the time span of the story bring the reader unique insight into life during the Roman occupation.  The book is an unexpected tearjerker, from the early trauma of Barley’s life to the, “could never have guessed it” ending.

One would not imagine that the musings of a fictional puppy could invoke such emotions, but they do.  Kleenex is a must!  Barley’s eyewitness accounts of the “Kind Man” offer insight into how Christ’s teachings and his last days on this earth impacted the community.

Even those unfamiliar with church and its teachings will enjoy the book; for Barley’s story is sure to captive the hearts of animal lovers young and old alike.  And, if the reader walks away with a desire to know more of the Kind Man, then Marasco & The Dog Who Was There have surely done their part to spread the gospel in a most exceptional manner.

*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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