The Master’s Mind

Starting a bit slowly, Lance Hahn’s, The Master’s Mind eventually picks up speed and delivers a commentary full of wisdom.  The book’s introduction sets the perfect stage with these words, “We are a mess.  We are insecure, defensive, lonely, empty, fearful, depressed, self-absorbed, dysfunctional, angry, and confused.”  #ouch #true

Readers not fed up with their, “Woe is me attitude” and ready for a change in perspective may find Hahn’s observations frustrating.  He speaks the hard truth when he says things like, “We are full of contradiction and sin, despite our best efforts.  We cannot even follow a diet and exercise plan.”  “So much of our challenge is that we don’t know who we are or why we’re here.”

The Master’s Mind packs incredible nuggets of wisdom in just over 200 pages.  Each page reminds the reader that we share a common enemy and are not alone in our sufferings.  He warns that each attack in our life is a notification of future attacks.”  We must be ever vigilant lest our enemy gain victory in our lives.

This is not a read it once, and throw it on the shelf kind of book, it’s an encyclopedia for life that compliments the believer’s Holy Bible.  A sentence from Chapter 10 beautifully sums up the essence of treasure found within its pages, “..We underestimate the influence of good, shortchanging the freedom and power that God has given us to change.  Not only is change for the better possible; it’s probable.”

For anyone dissatisfied with their Christian walk, or anyone desiring to solidify their identity in Christ, this book is for you!

*A complimentary copy of the book was provided in exchange for this review.

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