The Pants No Pants Debate

Clothes, everyone wears them, unless of course you live on a deserted island, or in a nudist colony. We also generally all wear some type of top along with a type of bottom. Again, there is always the exception of bare chested men roaming about and women at topless beaches, but as a norm, there are tops and bottoms.

Life stays interesting by offering us a broad range of fashion choices. Take for instance something simple like a sweater.

Sweaters can have V-necks, crew necks, cowl necks, or turtle necks. They may have long sleeves, short sleeves, ¾ length sleeves, or even no sleeves.

Sweaters might be striped, solid, checkered, polka dot, sequin encrusted or emblazoned with a picture of Olaf (I promise I saw one today at the store). Even the length of sweaters giver wears several options; waist skimming, below the bum or even knee-length.

Bottoms are no different. Jeans come in boyfriend fit, slim fit, and boot cut, skinny leg and even jeggings. There is acid washed, indigo, faded, shredded, or colored. If jeans aren’t your preference there are khaki’s, capris, slacks, cargo pants, ankle pants…basically a style for every taste and body type.

As if clothing do’s and don’ts weren’t confusing enough, those evil little fashion gods live to cause societal uproars in the form of clothing that is difficult to define. Enter the legging. No one can argue the comfort of a legging, but whether it should be considered pants and worn alone, well, that is a debate that will likely never be resolved.

Leggings have been back in style for a few years now, but only recently have I gotten up the courage to wear them for exercise. I have several pairs in the form of running tights and capris, but I used to commit crimes of fashion by wearing shorts over them. I’m an athlete, with athletic glutes, and in a society where flat butts seem to rule, I try to keep my round one incognito.

Many would argue that leggings are totally acceptable in yoga class, but again, here is where I would differ from the crowd. I have taken a bi-weekly yoga class for the past 18 months but guess what I generally wear? Running shorts. It’s not that I don’t consider leggings okay for yoga class, they are, it’s just they make me feel naked, and exposed.

Leggings are not kind to women with curves, and since I own curves, it’s totally permissible for me to feel this way. What I am not saying, however, is that curvy women shouldn’t wear them. What I am saying is that any woman choosing to wear leggings should proceed with caution and careful thought as to what she is pairing them with.

Here I offer you a glimpse into my first public appearance in leggings. It was my da

ughter who inspired me. While she was home for the holidays, she went out with friends wearing leggings, boots and a longish type shirt. She looked super cute. So, I worked up the courage to not only buy my first pair of leggings but also some very fashionable booties from my favorite shoe store, Shi, to wear with them.

Notice the long sweater that completes the ensemble? This was not the first sweater I chose. I changed at the last minute because I didn’t feel like the first sweater provided sufficient derriere coverage. The blouse also was chosen for its length. My husband approved of the outfit but also teased me for wearing my underwear in public. See, the pants, no pants debate is alive and well, even in the Miller household.

Here is the most important tip I can offer when wearing leggings; be sure they are leggings and NOT tights!! If the label says, “Leggings”, you are off to a great start, but if the label says “Tights”, you better be wearing those things under a dress because other wise your private parts are not going to be so private!

Whether or not leggings will ever pass the pants test remains to be seen, but I doubt it because we humans can’t agree on much of anything. What I will say is this; leggings are very comfortable and when paired with the right top can look quite smashing. But I will also say this, when choosing to wear leggings as pants, be sure to use a full-length mirror before exiting the building!

Until Next Time,

Becky J Miller
“Warrior Princess”

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