Where I Am Today

Nine months ago today an eighteen wheeler plowed into the vehicle I was riding in, leaving me with a broken neck, broken clavicle, broken scapula & broken ribs.  Save for the faded scars on my shoulder, neck and forehead, my outward appearance bears no indication of what I endured.  Though I still occasionally deal with both physical and emotional issues related to the accident, they really are only minor frustrations.  God has been gracious.  I know my recovery and progress can only be attributed to His goodness.

A lot has happened in nine months; my only daughter graduated from high school and left for college, my youngest son got his first job and his driver’s license, my oldest son got a full time job and now has an apartment in town.  My daughter and I made a trip to Florida to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I had not seen my grandparents in  seven or eight years.  It was a treat to introduce everyone to my “all grown up” daughter and have her build memories with them.  She thinks her great grandparents are adorable.

Physically, I was able to return to running five months after the accident.  My progress has been slower then what I would have liked, but I am not known for my patience and tend to be very hard on myself.  Since the accident I’ve completed six organized road races:  one 5K I walked while still in a halo, one half marathon which I also walked, along with a 5K where I placed first in my age division.  Next month I am participating in the Air Force Half Marathon in Dayton, Ohio.  Before the accident, a friend & I decided to meet and go together.  Race registration opened January 1 and I signed up, while still in a halo.  I’ve been working diligently to be race ready.  Yesterday I completed a 12 mile run.  I’m still slower than I was before the accident, about 30 minutes off of my best time, but I’m determined to finish that race!!

I love to be active & adventurous, and the accident didn’t changed that. In the last nine months, I’ve been hiking (while still in a halo), kayaking, body surfing and I rode Space Mountain at Walt Disney World. That last one, probably won’t be repeated. I’ve always loved Space Mountain, but it was too jarring and uncomfortable this time around.  My sister and I have plans to go zip lining soon, something I’ve always wanted to do.

Since the accident I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the rescue of four former orphans, and at this moment, another is in the process of coming home.  I am so grateful to still be here and be able to play a small role in uniting all these children with their forever families.  In December I’ll return to the country I love, Haiti, to love on more orphans.

I can honestly say, I never set out to inspire anyone, and yet, I’ve heard many stories of people’s lives touched and changed because of what I lived through.  I would not have chosen this path, but I am grateful that through all of this, the Lord chose to use my life for His glory.


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  1. Chris Tansey says:

    Well, we’re glad y’all are still here as well 🙂  Most people wouldn’t be back running at all, so be patient and celebrate the awesome progress you’ve made! 

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