Silence explodes, deafening in it’s eerie quiet
Invisible shackles bind her to this place
Coyly taunting, Freedom taps at the windowpane
Writhing, twisting, she struggles to break the bonds
Strong. Determined. Vice-like. They hold.
Spent, she crumbles, still bound, no escape
Precious sleep brings momentary respite
She awakens to hope, but it is fleeting
Heavy chains drape her shoulders, pulled tighter by each careless act
Kindness offered, ne’er returned
Worn. Weary. She stumbles.
Wounded, she cries, weeps wretched tears
Blinded by sorrow, unable to breathe
She looks for purpose
Hidden away in secret depths it remains
Digging, scratching, searching
Bloody, bruised and dirty, she is lost
Lost in a cell she did not choose,
Yearning for a stay of execution

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